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A note to the listener: this is not an album. This is not a release. This is a collection of songs in a somewhat comprehensive manner for friends, but also for networking. None of these songs have been recorded professionally. Any studio suaveness is purely coincidental.


released September 9, 2009

Keogh, Evan
Kinder, Fiachra
Muldowney, Conor
Tapley, David A.

Recorded and Mixed by David A. Tapley



all rights reserved


Tandem Felix Ireland

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Track Name: Canyons
As the firecrackers burns [sic] a hole in your side
I'm beginning to see you in a whole different light
Take a bite out of the biscuit moon

And I will be there soon
I will come to you
Forever and a day
The canyons fill with rain

As I find a weakness I run and hide
And as I lie there dying I feel alive inside
Take a handful of what's in store

But you just ask for more
You just ask for more
Everything I gave
Just lines the canyons floor

But you just ask for more
You just ask for more
Everything I gave
Just lines the canyons floor
Track Name: Drag
You drag me down
And leave me be
The state I'm in
I can't see

I wish that I could tell you
It's everything you know
And in the dreary twilight
It's everything you show
From time to time
You cross my mind
The one who got away
I drag you backwards
But I know that...

That's just why you came
You do it all the same
And after everything I've done
You left me in the dust
You left me in the dust
Track Name: In Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
You said you almost died when you found out
You said it left you close to tears
Close is only half the way to nothing else
It's just and easy way to say...

The begged of you to stay another while
The begged of you to come along and share
I heard you upped and left the room
You said it left you close to tears

But close only counts
In horseshoes and hand grenades
But close only counts
In horseshoes and hand grenades
Track Name: The Sky Looks Like a Sheet of Sugar
Bone shattering chit chattering
You always seemed so shy
I woke up in the morning
With the devil in my eye
Every days the same
Same ol' day
I walk a mile to see the sun
An walk home the same way

The sky looks like a sheet of sugar
Some plastic dessert
Store in a cool dry place
Serve with custard
Track Name: Mushroom Cloud
The mushroom cloud is on the move again
I think it's gonna rain
The lightning strikes under my feet again
A promise to be made
Track Name: California (Year One)
Hole in my head for your stampede
Watching the rest of you compete
The bones in my neck go dry
Feeling as weak as a child

And I know
Holy smoke
Heidi ho

I dreamt I crushed my skull in on my brain
I think I've gone and lost it all again
Californian girls gone wild
Keep the kids and their lines inside

And I know
Holy smoke
Heidi ho
Track Name: Yoghurt
I took a nosedive, a landslide
To make myself invisible
And in the moonlight, the stars shine
And we become inseperable

Oh the pain of taking
And a heart that's breaking
Gives me the once over

I'll wait the longest day
To be with you
To take a bite out of your neck
And as the blood drips
Your mind slips
In and out of it's sleep

Oh I'm not mistaken
With the love your breaking
Oh it's a sickly colour
You run to another

The once over
The once over
The once over
The once over
Track Name: Sixteen Guns for Thirteen Dollars
The pilot is drunk again
Lying to all of his friends
You knocked his nose out of joint
It was the icing on the cake

To do what you do
Is a message
And you cry baby cry
Track Name: Pablo Picasso
Way out
In the one
That I know
You stole the show
You know the ropes
I watch on

And when we're gone
You'll miss the boat
You'll take the stand
And plead insane
I'll lead you on
I'll lead you down
And empty stage
Will fill the room
Track Name: Autumnal
Under your nose
Horizon sits still
Away in a dream
Torn into parts
'Til the parts are all left spare
For the children you love
Wishing to be there

The leaves will fall
Autumn comes around
Away in a dream
The frost hits my bones
'Til I can no longer bare
The weight of the world
Defends me and declares